Increase ROI by Outsourcing IT Management

Small business owners who understand the complexity of effectively and profitably operating a business also understand the absolute necessity of having an IT management solution that is engaged and on guard 24/7. Hardware, software, network services, data protection and recovery, cybersecurity, a business continuity plan in case of a catastrophic systems failure, IT consulting, email protection — these are indispensable factors of running a business in the technological age.

An IT management solution is mandatory, but is this solution an end in itself? Business owners must realize that outsourcing IT management is an opportunity to increase ROI. ITS Team Security, a San Diego managed IT company, highlights the following ways that managed IT services positively impact a business’ return on investment:

Outsource IT Management

Control capital costs

Outsourcing IT solutions converts fixed costs into variable costs, freeing up capital for investment in other areas of a business. This relocation of capital may net a more favorable outcome when used in a project with more potential for profit.

Capture the power of fractional resources

A fractional resource strategy allows startups to use the services only as they need them while avoiding large expenditures in the early stages of the business.

Increase efficiency

While in-house IT management solutions are very expensive for a small business, outsourcing IT management is much more cost-effective. Companies that do everything in-house have much higher research, development, marketing, and distribution expenses. An in-house solution requires hiring an in-house manager, which means yet another salary that needs to be paid. Besides, not all IT tasks are large enough to warrant a dedicated hire.

The expenses accrued from an in-house solution must be passed on to customers. When a small business bypasses these expenses by outsourcing IT management, it can gain a competitive advantage over larger, more established competitors. Competitive advantage translates into greater ROI.

Release labor and talent for core competencies and new projects

Outsourcing IT management frees up energy and talent that can be directed towards core competencies and new projects. When small businesses can focus on what they do best, they can maximize resources and profits.

Accelerate scalability

As a company grows its marketing imprint, tackles new projects, and expands its labor force, IT requirements expand swiftly, even overnight in the case of new acquisitions. With a phone call to the outsourcing company, the IT managing team expands to take on new challenges, both actual and projected. Employee acquisition, training costs, skill inefficiencies, and spoilage are all avoided. This dynamic responsiveness of the managed IT service provider positively influences potential ROI.

Protect the continuity of the customer journey

When IT effectively managed, there is a powerful impact on customers. Customers experiencing technology glitches with a business may go looking for another supplier or service provider. They may also find a friend to talk about the unhappy experience. At the very least, the customer may no longer be confident shopping on a business website or contacting the help center with questions or problems. In contrast, satisfied customers give repeat business and positive referrals, and they are confident in the company they choose to do business with.

Reduce risk

Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk. Markets, competition, government red tape, financial environments, and technologies all change very quickly. Technology is evolving at lightning speed. Merely keeping up – maintaining the status quo – is unacceptable, even dangerous, in the world of data management and cybersecurity. Highly competent outsourced IT management providers assume and manage this risk for clients. The professionals are typically more proficient at risk mitigation in their areas of expertise. Efficiencies in risk mitigation convey great value in terms of ROI. To keep everything in perspective, for a business owner, peace of mind is priceless.

Managed IT Services

Ultimately, defined IT needs dictate the direction a business pursues when searching for IT management, cybersecurity compliance, DOD compliance, HIPAA compliance, email security, or network security in San Diego. For those businesses searching for managed IT services in San Diego, the cybersecurity experts at ITS Team Security specialize in protecting client data and, when needed, recovering the crucial data as fast as possible in order to minimize business disruption.

For more information about managed IT services, visit the ITS Team Security website at Staff can be contacted by phone at 1 (858) 538-4729.