ITS Team Security Partners With Local Businesses to Provide IT Management Solutions

Doing business in the 21st century means managing mountains of information or data. A company lives or dies based on how it manages its data. This need to manage data in business, industry, government and education has led to the creation of the entire service industry — the IT or “information technology” sector.

So great is the demand that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of information technology and computer occupations is projected to expand 13 percent over a ten-year period from 2016 to 2026.

Businesses and business owners in San Diego who possess a basic, high-level understanding of the scope, function, importance, and value of IT management services are strategically well-positioned to make better decisions about IT management for their company.

managed it services

What do IT management services encompass?

ITS Team Security provides managed IT services. At the highest level, these services include:

  • Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Catastrophic Disaster Data Loss Recovery 
  • IT Repair
  • Compliant Email
  • VOIP
  • Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Managed Cloud Services: Efficient, Burden-Free, and Scalable 

  • Network design, set up, maintenance
  • Cloud Security
  • General Email Solutions
  • HIPAA Compliance: Law firms and medical practices need to be compliant in their software use.

From databases to email compliance, ITS Team Security serves the San Diego area’s needs. ITS Team Security started implementing cloud services before it was called “the cloud.” They have been helping their customers manage data, keep their business up and running, and they can access all the essential parts of their business from wherever is needed.

Managed cloud services allow a business to run how and where it needs to. Being cloud-based translates into flexibility and optimum efficiency. With work done in the cloud, a new member can be up and running immediately. Working in the cloud means being up and running 24/7 with no downtime, even for backups and network maintenance.

Scalability means that as a business grows, cloud service grows with it. Whether opening a new office in Japan or going on a trip to Zimbabwe to source new products, the company information is readily available whenever wherever it is needed. Cloud-based management from ITS Team Security relieves the chore of managing company data and keeps that data safe and accessible. A business can focus on what matters: growing the business and serving customers.

Cyber Security

  • Ransomware
  • DOD Compliance
  • Virus, trojan attacks, denial of services

Systems are constantly under attack from around the world. Security efforts must be ever diligent and vigilant since cyber enemies never slumber. Hackers with malicious intent are always plotting and repositioning. Cybersecurity is a non-negotiable in IT management. The field of cybersecurity involves the protection and recovery of networks, devices, and programs.

Catastrophic Disaster Data Loss Recovery

Vigilance means proactively taking every precaution necessary to ensure that data is protected at every point. It is inevitable that an attack will occur and that some repair and recovery will be required. In the face of a catastrophic data loss disaster, recovery must begin immediately with little or no disruption to the business. A sound business continuation plan will anticipate a disaster and include a rapid response protocol.

IT Repair

  • General Device Repair
  • Data Loss Recovery & Backup

Even the best protection will inevitably be compromised, so IT management must include protection, repair, and recovery. Networks, devices, and programs will need to be repaired, and data will need to be recovered. Outsourcing IT management makes sense for almost every business. Having an IT management service provider that can handle every aspect of data, technology, and hardware makes for a consolidated effort when trouble strikes with the outcome being a swift response and recovery for the assailed business.

Compliant Email

  • General Email Solutions
  • HIPAA & DOD Compliance

Email compliance, along with general email solutions, is essential for the flow of information along safe, secure, private lines of communication. General email solutions must involve necessary compliance requirements such as are required for HIPAA and DOD.

VOIP Security: Telephony

  • Telephone and voice services

The days of copper-line telephones are long gone. Today, a new phone line can be set up in as little as ten minutes, with all the routing and security needed to properly run a business. Phone-based telecommunications are still an essential part of doing business here in San Diego, so a business VOIP system should be a priority.

Professional IT Services and Technology Consulting

Business continuity is vital. Through discovery and analysis, technology consulting exposes all the areas where a business is potentially at risk. Once potential breach points are identified, a risk mitigation plan is developed to address the vulnerabilities and further protect from attacks.

Data management is vital in a business environment that is both dependent upon and driven by data. Making a system secure, repairing damaged networks, connecting to the cloud, supporting existing systems, and monitoring 24/7 is the mission of ITS Team Security, a technology partner in San Diego.