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ITS Team Security and Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services 1

Network & IT Repair

Managed IT Services 2

Virus and Spyware Removal

Managed IT Services 3

Data Loss Recovery & Backup

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Robust & Secure Network Design

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ITS Team Cloud Services

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Information Cyber Security

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We create resilient networks and manage them so you don't have to.
To keep your information technology system running smoothly you need expert IT engineers qualified to manage it.

That’s what we do.

We keep your business from being overwhelmed by constantly evolving business demands and the headache of retaining dedicated, qualified IT staff.

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Managed IT Services 7

Cloud Services

Although we can back up data to the cloud (servers that are off-site and redundantly backed up to other servers off those sites) there is so much more to cloud services.

Network Design & Migration

The old days of downloading your data and software then reinstalling it on new machines at a different location are gone. Our Cloud Services means that all this can be done quickly, efficiently and even remotely to a large degree.


Keeping your systems secure in this new world means protecting everything at once. That is both a daunting and complex task. That’s OK. Our Cloud Services team will ensure that all your system security is up to date, secure and maintained 24/7.

Cloud Services

Our Cloud Services team does much more that setting your network up. We help you manage cloud service costs, backup and recovery, design your network to be properly deployed, keep it secure and mobile. Call us today to find out more ways we can help your business stay modern and up to date in the cloud!

Managed IT Services 8
Managed IT Services 9

Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses and Trojans cause a lot of damage to a lot of systems every year. The first defense is a great firewall, but if a virus does get through, have no worries, ITS Team is here to securely remove it and get you back to work.

Data Security

We keep your data secure and also backed up on redundant servers throughout the country. That also helps keep your data safe from attackers.

What Is A Virus or Trojan?

Viruses and trojans are basically the same thing: pieces of software that maliciously attack your network causing severe disruption to your business. ITS Team targets and destroys these bits of code with software designed to protect.

What is Spyware?

Spyware os software that doesn’t outright maliciously attack your network, but monitors where you go on the internet, what keystrokes you might enter and other data for the benefit of the spy. This can lead to major data breaches, as well as outright theft of money and other resources your business (or you personally) rely on.

Robust & Secure Network Design

ITS Team designs, builds and manages your IT infrastructure so that your team can focus on more mission-critical parts of your business initiatives. So you can be ensured of a robust and secure network, we only use top-line equipment, the OS you need and customize everything to your business’ specific requirements.

San Diego Based IT Services

We serve the entire county, but also have clients all throughout California and we go in land to Arizona or Nevada, too. A local team means a faster and more robust response than someone half a world away.

Managed Operating Systems

You save time and money when you outsource your operating system management to ITS Team. Your OS is always up to date, can run your software appropriately and there is next to no downtime for upgrades and maintenance (we do a lot of that at night or while your business is closed).

Managed Network means More Time

ITS Team will ensure your network hardware remains up to date, robust and functional so you don’t have to worry about it. That frees up a lot of time for you and your team to focus on what matters: your business.

Managed IT Services 8

Give Us A Call. We’ll Make Things Better.

Managed IT Services 11

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Also known as Backup & Disaster Recovery Services, our data management helps your company avoid the costs of downtime. Your data is secured 24/7 in various redundant ways. That means your business stays open and keeps on working.

Data Management

You have enough to concern your time, don’t add data monitoring to it, too. We’ll make sure all of your data is handled appropriately, securely and importantly: accessible when you need it.

Network & Device Repair

We keep your machines, network and software services running smooth and working properly. We also train you on their proper usage, if needed.

Managed IT Services 12
Managed IT Services 13

 Cyber Security

Cyber security is more than installing virus detection software on your network. You need to protect and encrypt files, back them up and make sure only authorized access is gained.

Cloud Security

We promote cloud security measures as part of our general services. This way you can maximize your mobility, recovery and data retention while keeping is all secure and compliant at the same time for minimal costs.

Firewall Set Up

ITS Team makes sure that your data can be protected by creating a secure firewall between it and the internet at large. It can be as robust as you need, from no defense to total lockdown. Call for more info.


What People Are Saying

Gus and his company are highly skilled, honest, fair, reliable and dependable. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Gus and his IT skills. I’ve even referred him to my husbands company and they are excited to use the ITS team as well. Thanks Gus!

Jenny Harkleroad

Gus is a true professional he knows what he is doing and very cost effective I checked a few other places but he came in at a good price but a fair price that worked for us. I would recommend ITS Team for all your phone services and back up system.

Marc L

ITS team, has helped our business grow tremendously and was able to meet our needs from small office setting with only two or three stations to a full sized office with 30+ employees. Over the last several years we could count on ITS team being available for planning, organizing and deploying of the right hardware for the job. As an operations manager, partnering with ITS was one of the best decisions made. Thank you ITS team!

Jon Villasenor

Bemer America

ITS Team is where its at when it comes to IT management. Their service is top notch, they have been pretty responsive and they also can kick back with me and have a ball. Although the fun isn’t part of business, it’s nice to know they are some good people, too!

I highly recommend ITS Team Managed IT Services. Mahalo, Gus!

Ben Towers

Credoo Media

What an amazing service! Fast, Accurate and professional. They are by far the best IT experience we have had.

Neville Knowles

Escondido Reprographics

Gus and his team installed a firewall for our business. They did a first rate job and took care of all the communications with our other service providers so that when they finished all the other services worked without a hitch. They are excellent and very courteous.

Joe Ocampo

EmbroidMe Escondido

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