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ITS Team Managed IT Services

Network & IT Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Loss Recovery & Backup

Robust & Secure Network Design

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We create resilient networks and manage them so you don't have to.
To keep your information technology system running smoothly you need expert IT engineers qualified to manage it.

That’s what we do.

We keep your business from being overwhelmed by constantly evolving business demands and the headache of retaining dedicated, qualified IT staff.

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Cloud Services

Although we can back up data to the cloud (servers that are off-site and redundantly backed up to other servers off those sites) there is so much more to cloud services.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses and Trojans cause a lot of damage to a lot of systems every year. The first defense is a great firewall, but if a virus does get through, have no worries, ITS Team is here to securely remove it and get you back to work.

Robust & Secure Network Design

ITS Team designs, builds and manages your IT infrastructure so that your team can focus on more mission-critical parts of your business initiatives. So you can be ensured of a robust and secure network, we only use top-line equipment, the OS you need and customize everything to your business’ specific requirements.

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Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

Also known as Backup & Disaster Recovery Services, our data management helps your company avoid the costs of downtime. Your data is secured 24/7 in various redundant ways. That means your business stays open and keeps on working.

Network & Device Repair

We keep your machines, network and software services running smooth and working properly. We also train you on their proper usage, if needed.

 Cyber Security

Cyber security is more than installing virus detection software on your network. You need to protect and encrypt files, back them up and make sure only authorized access is gained.

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