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Hi, I’m Gus. I own ITS Team and have been offering IT management services for a long time. You probably have tons of question. We have tons of answers! Please use this page to help you understand our company. Then, give me a call and I’ll answer everything else.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I started ITS Team because I ran across too many businesses that were being taken advantage of by IT companies who were more fascinated with overselling businesses technology rather than trying to assist with the client’s business continuity.

Having worked as a welder and then as an aerospace design engineer I believe I have the work ethic, integrity, and education to get the job done. I have always been a high performance human being and loved challenges.

This is an interesting question because honestly what used to excite me about running ITS Team changed years ago. When I first started ITS Team I was very excited about the technology and was a bit of perfectionist. I wanted to make sure my clients were well taken care of and were getting a good value for their investment. However, about six years ago I realized that I was a very good IT engineer but not such a great businessmen. I made a great deal of mistakes out of ignorance. I realized that being a very capable engineer with a super strong work ethic didn’t mean I had the business skills to run a business well. What excites me about running ITS Team today is I have the ability to make sure my clients understand the importance of business continuity from an IT perspective. Business continuity means less down time and is the best cash flow insurance I know.

I will absolutely put what is in your best interest before my own period!!! This is just how I live my life. I live to serve others and I run a youth only nonprofit charity for underserved kids to prove it.

My customers fear the permanent loss of mission critical data.
My customers fear the loss of productivity due to a catastrophic hardware failure or virus attack.
My customers are concerned that they may not be able to afford the best solutions to protect their businesses.

The best solution to prevent the loss of mission critical data is to have redundant backups of that data spread across different geographic regions.
The best way to protect yourself from a catastrophic hardware failure or virus is two-fold. The first is to have best firewall that can scan for many malicious threats and block them. In addition, you should have a best in class antivirus software that is automatically kept current. Next you should be using a cloud technology to host your servers on so that you have a great deal of resiliency and the ability to recover entire images of servers to unlike hardware with a rapid recovery time objective.

Business continuity! And by that I mean some of the best uptime in the business. No little to no loss in productivity when clients are using our virtualized solutions and data redundancy solutions..

Firewall installation and antivirus installation can typically be done in one day or less with companies with 25 or fewer users. If the antivirus solution is centrally deployed from a server it can be done much faster. Virtualization requires some planning so that you build a platform that will allow you to scale. However, I a new virtualization host can be built in a day.

I am an expert at this from experience. I have built many virtualized server platforms and used best in class solutions such as Veeam Backup And Recovery and Hosted disaster recovery cloud services that specialize in these solutions. I am also a Microsoft Certified Network Engineer. I am also a former aerospace design engineer and therefore am very analytical and creative problem solver.

From our solutions customers get peace of mind that they are leveraging state of the art best in class solutions that are understood by other competent IT professionals. This means that for whatever reason if they are not satisfied with our service, they can hire another IT provider that will understand the technology and solutions implemented.

The largest benefit my clients get from me is me. I am a super conscious person and I treat my client’s money as if it was my own. I am very personable and have befriended most of my clients over the years and you can bet I always look out for my client’s best interest before my own.

Here is a project we completed though it was a great challenge. Perhaps sharing it may tell you something about who I am. Have a client named Harbor Yacht Clubs. They rent out sail boats her in San Diego Harbor and in Long Beach harbor.

They had a custom scheduling and rental software built for them many years ago called Waypoint. This software was built on a 32bit platform and was hosted on a Microsoft 2003 Small Business Server. Microsoft ended extended support of Windows 2003 on July 14, 2015. This means that support had actually ended a year or so earlier but this was going to be the very last month any type of support, updates, or patches where going to available from Microsoft.

In addition, since Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008R2, and Windows Server 2012 have been released. 2008 was the last server operating system you had the choice of running either 32bit or 64 bit. Anyway, Harbor Island Yacht Clubs knew there server operating system was antiquated. In addition, they are heavily dependent on QuickBooks accounting software and QuickBooks stopped supporting the newest version that ran on Windows 2003 server. As a result, they realized they had to upgrade their server operating system and QuickBooks.

The challenge this created was how to get the 32bit Waypoint software to work in a 64bit environment. I am not a software developer or database administrator by trade. I am a network engineer and my expertise is in Microsoft Exchange Routers, Switches, Server operating systems, network security and virtualization.

Anyway, I worked with the original developer the Waypoint software to figure out a solution. Because the Waypoint software developer was strictly a programmer, I quickly realized I was going to have to drive this project and figure out how to make it work. However, it’s important to point out that we spoke to numerous other IT companies, consultants, and programmers who we hoped would be interested in this project but they were not.

I didn’t want to let my client down so I told them I would figure it out myself. I had to teach myself a great deal about Internet Information Server (IIS) 8.0. I also had to learn a great deal about SQL 2008 and SQL 2014. I also had to learn a great deal about ODBC connectors which is a conduit that you must customize to have databases communicate with one another.

In the end I was able to port the 32bit Waypoint software into a 64bit environment. Today this software is sitting on SQL Server 20014 on a Windows 2012r2 Server running QuickBooks 2016. The 2012r2 Server is running on a VMware 5.5 host. The company is now running their software and technology on state of the art hardware and software.

I am glad and proud I was able to make this happen for my customer. They honestly felt they had nowhere to turn and I was not going to let them down.

We use Asigra local and cloud backup software. This is an enterprise software solution designed for far more than just data backup to the cloud. It is a complete disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

We also use SOS and Shadow Protect together for those clients looking for a less robust cloud backup solution.

We are also a Dell/SonicWall partner. We are SonicWall certified Security Engineers.

We also use Kaseya for our remote monitoring and patch management tool.

Finally, we also have several different hosted Microsoft Exchange email solutions we use depending on the needs and budgets of our clients.

Since I started the company in 1995 and incorporated it in 2002, I have served over 500 small to medium size businesses and several enterprise businesses. I have saved my clients tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity by being able to restore their servers quickly with our disaster recovery solutions. In addition, by being proactive and implementing state of the art virtualized solutions, we have been able to help our clients leverage far more hardware resources at far less expense saving them thousands of dollars per year in IT costs.

FAQs 2
I started my civilian work carrier many years ago as an Iron Worker. I was a welder doing high rise construction. I left the Ironworkers’ union to go back to school so I could pursue my engineering degree.

After school I worked for many years at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company Astronautics Division as a design engineer. I worked on manned space flight, submarines, autonomous underwater vehicles, and several DARPA programs I am not at liberty to discuss.

I also worked as government contractor doing work I am not at liberty to discuss. I have held various security clearances, if your project needs any of this info, please call to discuss.

While in the defense industry I slowly migrated toward MIS (known as IT today). Because of the nature of the projects I was working on it was essential that the work we were doing be heavily secured in ways that can seem overbearing, but are again becoming increasingly critical.

As a result, I started learning to setup our own computer networks and telecom systems so we could support our projects. Over time I developed a great deal of expertise in Mainframe and super mini computer technologies and operating systems such as IBM VMS and TSO. Then the PC became super popular and of course I quickly leveraged that technology on Token Ring, Novell, Vax, and Lantastic small area networks.

Soon after the PC became available Microsoft Windows 3.11 became the first affordable graphical user interface operating system which then opened the door to where we are today.

When I left the defense industry, I started my own engineering consulting firm and was also the Vice President of Engineering for a startup called Materials Science, Inc. After three years of engineering consulting my engineering company started becoming an IT company as I did more and more IT consulting.

Being completely focused on IT, I incorporated ITS Team in 1992. Since then I have had several employees, completed thousands of IT projects in the United States and a few in in England and Germany. I have been a master agent reselling telecom solutions all over the world since the mid 1990’s. Today we resale and install Voice Over IP phone system anywhere a business has internet alongside our other work of network administration and security offerings.