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ITS Team set up our first email client in 1997. That’s forever ago in tech terms. Since then, we’ve been implementing new tools, new services and new ways of doing things.

What we haven’t changed is our same commitment to you. We will get the job done and make you so happy about it in the process. And we will be there whenever anything goes wrong to help you get things fixed.

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Email Services

It’s not enough to just have email. It has to be secure, especially if you are in a HIPAA controlled industry. We will set you up with compliant email that is easy to use and powerful enough to grow with you.

Complete HIPAA Compliancy

If you are in the legal or healthcare industry, your data needs to be better managed and protected than other industries. We set you up with completely secure yet easy to use email systems so you can stay in compliance with the law.

No Burdens for Business

Since we relieve you of the chore of creating your email, you can focus on what matters. Growing Your Business.

We will keep your data safe and accessible whether you are at the beach or the office. Also, it will be up and running 24/7 with no downtime, even for backups and network maintenance.


Is your business growing? Make sure your email is easily scalable to implement in new places and for new people with ITS Team managing the details.

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