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ITS Team was started because I ran across too many businesses that were being taken advantage of by IT companies who were more fascinated with overselling businesses technology rather than trying to assist with the client’s business continuity.  

Our customers tend to have three main areas of concern. They are concerned about the permanent loss of mission critical data, which is valid because something like 25% of all businesses will experience that. Our customers are concerned over the loss of productivity due to a catastrophic hardware failure or virus attack. Finally, our customers are concerned that they may not be able to afford the best solutions to protect their businesses.

We have a mission here at ITS Team, driven by the promises of our founder, Gus Cervantes, “I will absolutely put what is in your best interest before my own. Period!  This is just how I live my life. I live to serve others and I run a customer-oriented business and a youth-only nonprofit charity for underserved kids to prove it.”

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About the Owner. Gus Cervantes

About Us 9When I first started ITS Team I was very excited about the technology and was a bit of perfectionist.  I wanted to make sure my clients were well taken care of and were getting a good value for their investment.  However, about six years ago I realized that I was a very good IT engineer but not such a great businessmen. I made a great deal of mistakes out of ignorance.  I realized that being a very capable engineer with a super strong work ethic didn’t mean I had the business skills to run a business well. What excites me about running ITS Team today is I have the ability to make sure my clients understand the importance of business continuity from an IT perspective. Business continuity means less down time and is the best cash flow insurance I know.

I started my civilian work carrier many years ago as an Iron Worker.  I was a welder doing high rise construction. I left the Ironworkers’ union to go back to school so I could pursue my engineering degree.  After school I worked for many years at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company Astronautics Division as a design engineer.

While in the defense industry I slowly migrated toward MIS (known as IT today).  Because of the nature of the projects I was working on it was essential that the work we were doing be exposed to the least amount of people for security reasons.  As a result I started learning to setup our own computer networks and telecom systems so we could support our projects. Over time I developed a great deal of expertise in Mainframe and super mini computer technologies and operating systems such as IBM VMS and TSO.  Then the PC was invented and of course I quickly leveraged that technology on Token Ring, Novell, Vax, and Lantastic small area networks. Soon after the PC became available Microsoft Windows 3.11 became the first affordable graphical user interface operating system which then open the door to where we are today.

When I left the defense industry, I started my own engineering consulting firm and was also the Vice President of Engineering for a startup called Materials Science, Inc. After three years of engineering consulting my engineering company started becoming an IT company as I did more and more IT consulting. Being completely focused on IT I incorporated ITS Team in 2002.  Since then I have had several employees, completed thousands of IT projects in the United States and a few in in England and Germany. I have been a master agent reselling telecom solutions all over the world since the mid 1990’s. Today we resell and install Voice Over IP phone systems anywhere a business has internet.

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What are the reasons to choose us? We could mention work ethic, integrity, creativity and critical awareness and thinking, but why don’t we share a few numbers?

Since it was started in 1995 and incorporated it in 2002, the company has served over 500 small to medium size businesses and several enterprise businesses. ITS Team has saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity by being able to restore their servers quickly with our disaster recovery solutions.

In addition, by being proactive and implementing state of the art IT solutions, we have been able to help our clients leverage far more hardware resources at far less expense. This has saved them thousands of dollars per year in IT costs. Add to that the fact that managed IT costs tens of thousands less per year than in-house IT with better expertise and you’ve got a great deal.

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Gus is a true professional he knows what he is doing and very cost effective I checked a few other places but he came in at a good price but a fair price that worked for us. I would recommend ITS Team for all your phone services and back up system.

Marc L